ems-az Testimonials
"I wanted to 'Thank You' again Eben for your help the past 4 years. Remember what an 'asset' you are to so many families... you are appreciated in the 'hearts' of families..."
-Shelley Malone
"This past year we've had a few issues that needed to be addressed in our home. You efficiently took care of all matters. You sent competent contractors, who were both knowledgeable and polite! It seems that ANY time we have had a glitch, it was professionally resolved by you... thank you for your dedication, fairness, and sincere concern."
-Helene & Michael O'Neill
"It had been a huge worry to me how we could get him [father] settled in a new place, how to handle all his belongings, and get his house on the market. As I don't live in the area and work full time, it would have been a nightmare to try to handle all this myself.... You came highly recommended, and it was such a relief to find there were people to help with these things. I won't hesitate to call you again"
-Paul Starkey
"Thank you for being so patient with me as I went on & on & on! You are good at what you do!"
-Sandra Miller
"It is my pleasure to relate how attentive, cooperative, knowledgeable and effective were Mr. Eben Bull... With the house sale pending and I had departed, all suggestions on either side were carried out quickly and at proper cost. I always felt that Eben was most dependable."
-Dr. Edward M. Ring
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10 years of probate & estate management experience
Licensed Fiduciary oversight
Licensed, bonded and insured
Service designed to meet exact needs of client
Emphasis on asset recovery and protection of property
Utilization of appropriate subcontractors & service providers
Special attention paid to ethical & conflict-of-interest issues
Job size flexibility